Webcam Review

Technology advancement of webcam has created many possibilities and opportunities for people to communicate, no matter they are physically nearby or country apart. Some allows you to watch and talk to your friends or family face to face. While a wireless webcam (or dropcam) is one of those cameras that send out video captures of yourself or the family into a website which is often seen by authorized persons. This is useful for uniting friends and families or as a security measures.

Types of webcam

    1. The Wired model – This model connects to the computer port by using a peripheral cable. It always comes with a clip in the base that secures it into a table or maybe a stand for stability. It has a relatively low frame rate and is particularly relatively cheaper than other models.
    2. The wireless model – This model connects to the computer through Bluetooth or maybe a WiFi connection. It gives you greater flexibility and freedom of motion than the previous model. It costed more in the old days but as this type becomes more common, the price has become more reasonable and more affordable.
    3. Video capture device – These are typically digicams with a webcam feature. To use this type of device it must be connected to a computer’s USB port. It features more capabilities compare to the two types above in terms of live streaming.
    4. If you want to get one for your friend or partner, you don’t really need to know the hardware configuration of his/her computer. Desktop computers or laptops these day are equipped with very standard setup. Connection types like USB, Bluetooth and any other connections are pretty much universal. If you go for something more standard and doesn’t require dedicated hardware, it is very likely that it will work.
    5. Budget will be another criteria to choose your webcam. If you are hoping to get a date via webcam chat, or watch some live hot cam models for fun, you may want to invest more on a good quality one for better video quality and subsequently higher enjoyment.
    6. When it comes to buying a webcam, we normally check that it fulfills certain basic benchmark for quality on things like frame rate it can achieve, quality of the sound recording, setting for light.  Is there control for zooming in and out of your video streaming. Many of them come with a software which allows you to adjust the light, white balance and quality of video to record.